We stock a full line of electrical products for all phases of residential construction from “rough-in” stage to final finish phase. We stock products from major manufacturers with builder grade products to advanced upgrade electrical products.



TVW can provide solutions for virtually any type of lighting product for your home. Please contact us with your unique requirements today.

Some brands & products we carry:

  • Recessed Incandescent Lighting “Can Lights” 
  • Recessed LED Lighting “Can Lights” 
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Landscape / Façade Lighting

Some brands & products we carry:

  • Lutron Lighting Controls
    • Residential LED Lighting Dimmers 
    • Caseta RF Wireless Lighting Controls


Loadcenters and Circuit Breakers

In today’s residential construction market it is essential to choose the proper loadcenter, “breaker box” for your home. TVW can help you in selecting the best loadcenter for your home with contractor grade and advanced loadcenter products by Eaton. Let us help you with an informed decision on what will be the “brain” of the electrical system in your home. Eaton loadcenters and circuit breakers excel in the industry with superior products, warranty and service.

  • BR Series Loadcenters and Circuit Breakers
  • CH Series Loadcenters and Circuit Breakers
  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Advanced Load Centers
  • Generator Ready Loadcenters
  • AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Breakers


Residential Grade Wiring Devices

Look to TVW for the most up to date products for the wiring devices in your home. These devices are the most used component in your electrical system. The switches, dimmers, and receptacles that you use every day are often overlooked in the selection of materials in today’s residential construction. 

Let our sales team at TVW provide you with solutions and alternatives for standard-grade devices, decorator series devices, as well as the most advanced programmable wiring devices / lighting controls available. Consider upgrades such as whole house audio and structured media wiring systems for today’s growing “Smart” homes. Enjoy advanced features such as the ability to manage your home’s lighting and appliances even while you are away from home.


Residential Building Products 

In addition to the residential products above, TVW also carries a number of residential building products such as:

  • Bath Fans
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Doorbells 
  • Generators